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Although mrep4u deals mainly in British Railways drawings/diagrams we invite all to share their drawings to help promote a wider interest in the hobby. Encourage others to enjoy Model Railways & Model Engineering.

We have built this site to encourage others to participate in a hobby which by many has been socially misplaced (as playing with toys and not for adults but for young kids).

Today’s modern age combines mobile phones play stations tablet PC, net books etc as the way forward. With social media sites playing an important role for today’s young generation and twitter playing a more prominent role for adults.

It gives thought to how today's modern technology has been built. Using today's modern technologies Model Railway and Model Engineering have come forward in a way some people had not dreamed of and using technology comparative with PC technology but gives all the satisfaction of using your own thoughts and skills, hands and fingers and some times brute force. Best of all enabling you to learn how progress has been achieved over the years.

Learning how to construct an object with your hands sharpens the mind and thought process and also leads to innovation, (why stagnate and let others do it for you on a PC Screen). And remember you probably will still be using your PC, Tablet, mobile phone, Net book or Laptop to design, speak and communicate.

mrep4u has been set up help modellers and researchers alike to download general arrangement drawings with sufficient detail to build an accurate scale model. The drawings/diagrams also can be used as a reference point for further research into the chosen subject or as a display item in your model work area and even maybe in your home mounted in a nice display frame. The choice is up to you.

We also want to encourage more people young and old to take up modelling as a hobby maybe even bring out the latent desires of every potential modeller to actually start to build something. We certainly will encourage this.

A different perspective is provided by our section on World Railway Articles describing different aspects of railways and their accomplishments around world.

This site has been put in place to help new, potential and existing modellers to visualise how much change has been made over the years in the railway modelling and manufacturing fraternity around the world. It is up to the individual which scale or area they decide to model in, the main purpose being to thoroughly enjoy it.

See Introduction: One aspect of railway design showing a partial section of lines around Shirebrook West station. The complexity of lines and rail operators in this area are wonderful to behold, there are not only four Collieries served in this section but links to; Mansfield, Nottingham, Worksop, Sheffield, Lincoln, Chesterfield, Newark, etc, etc, etc. Railway companies include Midland Railway, Great Central Railway, Lancashire Derbyshire and East Coast Railway, North British Railway and North Eastern. Railway. And now forms part of The Robin Hood Line. “A modellers, engineer and researches Bonanza”.

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