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Welcome To Model Railway and Engineering Prints 4U

Hobbies and Interests 4U

Mrep4u is here to reduce costs as much as possible on postal distribution costs and to assist others who wish to share their interests in Model Railway and Model Engineering.

Our drawings/diagrams use A4 print width and Hight.

 Many prints withA4 print width and A3 or A3+ Length or Height.

Some may be Longer but still A4 Width

We realise that the majority of modellers have access to an A4 Printer, which usually can print longer formats, therefore print setup for the larger diagrams are included in the download documents depending on your preference. This Is Changing we are now using standard paper formats, A4/A3 et.

To newcomers to the hobby we hope you find great pleasure in researching your new found pastime, learning how the past events helped to bring today's modern technology forward.

You have a mind of your own, use it, never be afraid of what others say, make new friends, learn with it, develop new skills and above all enjoy a new found hobby, whichever direction you may go.

Remember also that past innovations built today’s modern technologies, be different and enjoy, you may build some thing admirable or not so grand but you are the one who built it, take pleasure in this.

Above all else you will find new friends who share your interests so think about it, it may be a great move.

mrep4u has been designed with the model railway enthusiast/researcher in mind. Our site will eventually cover British Railways from the 1890’s to the present day.

(We cannot of course provide all B. R. Stock. The site will contain links to many other sites providing drawings photographs and information.

Drawings/diagrams are general arrangement drawings with notes and if available photograph/s.


In another separate section, Articles on Railways from Around the World and their achievements will also be included and we encourage visitors to participate if they wish.

Although we are mainly British Railways orientated we fully respect anyone, who wish to share their interests in Railways and Engineering from around the world. In fact we encourage you to actively do so.

It is with this in mind that we hope this site will encourage more people to have a hobby weather it is Railway Modelling, Model Engineering or some other area they have always wanted to join but are not sure were to begin.


The pages on this site are to give informative  reading for the new, existing or potential modeller.

Short sections on scales and standards, standard measurements, DCC and Analogue control with links to very informative sites.

All areas are not covered on one site but various sections are there to give an insight into events leading to change on Britain's railways and on to Privatisation.

Also a section covering the 1923 Grouping with companies merged at and before the grouping.

We hope you enjoy browsing this site and we look forward to constructive comments on any aspect of the site.

In our Engineering section at www.mrep4u.ph files covering engineering products from around the world ate now on site and many more are in progress. Some are more extensive than others and cover many engineering areas, we hope you enjoy.

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