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Analogue Control.

Analogue control of model railways has been in use since model railways were first conceived, and has served all modellers well and continues to serve modellers well in all scales.

The use of DCC has many great qualities and can help reduce the need for lots of wiring in small and large layouts, but it is the control experience where it is in its element. For the individual and a group having a trial run with DCC will give an insight which way they will turn.

Do I run my model railway using Analogue or Digital controls ?  

This is now a question frequently asked, and there is no easy answer. The above sites may help you in your decision. Again it is something only you can decide but also a little forward thinking on your future desires and plans may save much frustration.

Analogue control is a system which has been used for many years and is probably what most modellers started with on their model railway. That is, where a  variable DC output controller feeds any voltage from 0 to 12 volts direct to the track. As the voltage is increased the speed increases. When the polarity (+ & -) is reversed the train runs in reverse.

This decision on DCC or analogue control will eventually control the structure of you model railway. This will affect construction, design, track and signalling and even architectural features, so a good decision now will save hours of frustration later. Look at the experience of others if you can this will also help.

The main themes will always be; how you want to run your own model railway.

How you wish to construct your models.

Are you looking for perfection and build to a certain period in time.

Just to build static models for pleasure and display

Or simply use ready to run stock to create a great railway and have hours of pleasure.

There it is in brief, whichever country of origin you are in there is a modelling scale for you.

There is also the question of control and we hope the information found with the help of all links included on this site will provide some informative and useful guidelines.

Manufacturers around the world are producing models and components for virtually all scales. While the scratch builder can obtain many components to suit his or her needs many parts are hand made using his or her own skills. Using general arrangement drawings/diagrams or full size drawings of the model in question.

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