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Model Railways are not Toys, there is a very large difference between a toy locomotive and a model locomotive or any type of model that has been chosen to be constructed.

A model is engineered and built by the modeller or manufacturer to specific standards.

We hope that this site will encourage many new modellers of all ages to enjoy the world of model railways and model engineering.

With today's modern technology operation of your models is limited by your own imagination which is very large indeed.

Whether building your own models and learning new skills or purchasing ready made models, constructing a layout, placing buildings and structures, signalling and operation can lead to a world of pleasure and fun.

Many modellers may wish to run their engineered model/models to an operating schedule or restrict there choice of models to a certain era of operation but this does not have to be. It is up to the modeller to decide how they wish to operate, build and proceed with their own modelling project.

Researching a model to be constructed or bought from a manufacturer is also a worth while occupation, learning how the real life subject was built and constructed and will give an insight to many engineering skills and practices lost to everyday use but will also give the modeller many details and changes that the model in question has undergone in its life time. Our main www.mrep4u.ph site gives many Drawings/Diagrams to construct model railway locomotives carriages/coaches and wagons as well as buildings and structures that may be of interest to the modeller and researcher alike.

The Engineering section gives past articles, illustrations and diagrams from around the world. Many areas of interests are included.

There are many diagrams and drawings that are also suitable for framing so that the modeller or researcher may have framed their favourite locomotive, coach/carriage and wagons as well as many buildings, signals or track layouts.

We hope you find this site friendly, informative, helpful and above all else we hope it encourages people of all ages to pursue a worth while hobby and if this is not your choice still take a look and think about the construction skills that made today's transport network possible.

There are many varying scales and terminology used for model railway constructors around the world and this site has been designed to assist with information regarding these.

Also modellers building a model railway representing a country that is not their specific country of origin face additional terminology that may be unusual to them so different terminology that may face them regarding scales and measurements are included.

When constructing your first model railway some of the important points are:


How much space will I have.

This will give an idea into the scale you can model in and be prepared to be flexible with your design.

Will it be Portable or Fixed in position.

You may  learn the art of compromise first time layouts need careful planning but do not be afraid to start all over if you get it wrong.

My model railway will be assembled each time I use it.

This can be frustrating but careful thought can solve many problems and help save time in assembly.

You may wish to Join a model association/club.

Never be afraid to ask questions, there are many modellers who are willing to share their skills and experience and some much needed advice.


Do I have the skills to construct my own models.

Yes never be afraid to try and learn new skills there are many clubs/associations, informative reading and the world wide web giving access to modelling materials, suppliers, information and contact with others who share the same passions.

Using today’s modern technology to control your layout.  (DCC) Digital Command Control.

Digital Command Control (DCC) is a standard for a system to operate model railways digitally. When equipped with Digital Command Control, locomotives on the same electrical section of track can be independently controlled.

The DCC protocol is defined by the Digital Command Control Working group of the:

National Model Railroad Association (NMRA). The NMRA has trademarked the term DCC, so while the term Digital Command Control is sometimes used to describe any digital model railway control system, it refers to NMRA DCC.

 Most modellers purchase their first models from proprietary manufacturers and build their modelling skills to their own requirements, remember if it cannot be purchased there is a great opportunity to build your own model to complete your own requirements. Enjoy this to the full.

There are many modelling tools and components available and at very good prices, look around for bargains and in this the Internet is very effective.

The next few pages will give an insight to manufacturers who produce ready to run scale models, components and control equipment.

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