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Rail Freight operators in Great Britain 1.

Colas Rail

Is a French rail freight company, formerly known as Seco Rail. Seco Rail was the name of the UK subsidiary of the French railway engineering company SECO which operates in Europe. SECO (Société d'Études et de Construction d'Outillage) was founded in 1931. In 2000 SECO was purchased by the road building company Colas. Whilst still based mainly in France, the company has subsidiaries in the UK and Belgium, and in 2006 became a train operator (Train operating company in the UK) through its transportation of aggregates. In 2007 Colas merged its Seco Rail operations with its other rail subsidiary AMEC-Spie, under the new operating name of Colas Rail, and also acquired the Plant division of Carillion Rail which was included in the new group.

UK freight operations have slowly developed from the lumbering and inadequate structure it had become during the late era of grouping and the first era under British Rail, into today’s modern streamlined structure. Today’s UK freight operators are gradually bringing the freight distribution system into the 21st Century and have remained consistent in their operations since privatisation unlike their counterparts in rail passenger traffic who seem to change operators on a regular basis and appear to have no concern regarding their passengers.  This is our opinion only.

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British American Railway Services Limited

Is a British railway rolling stock hire, maintenance company, and railway owner in the United Kingdom. It was formed to acquire the assets of ECT Rail Holdings in 2008.

Subsidiaries of British American include RMS Locotec, Weardale Railway, Dartmoor Railway, and Devon and Cornwall Railway. British American was formed by Iowa Pacific Holdings, an American shortline railroad holding company.

Direct Rail Services (DRS)

Is a freight operating company created by British Nuclear Fuels Limited. The company started rail operations in 1995 using five heavily refurbished Class 20/3 diesel locomotives. Since then it has expanded greatly, and has acquired many more locomotives, most bought second-hand and subsequently refurbished. Ownership of DRS was transferred from BNFL to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority when the NDA was created on 1 April 2005, under the terms of the Energy Act 2004. DRS is the only remaining publicly owned rail freight company in the United Kingdom.

DRS support the railway modeller and enthusiast Visit Their Shop

DRS has a uniquely flexible and efficient fleet of locomotives and rolling stock consisting of.

A fleet of Class 66, 57, 47, 37 and 20 locomotives delivering freight services across the network and support both Network Rail and the Train Operating Companies to keep their services running.   

2013/14 will see the introduction of a new Class 68 mixed traffic locomotive, jointly developed with Vossloh in Valencia, Spain.  

DRS has developed a fleet of IDA ‘Super’ Lowliner twin platforms.  Offering an ultra-low platform height giving more containers for any given train length